OUR COMPANY Excellent production practices and honesty in our products and services
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Our mission

At "PUREOLEA Estate & Olive Mill", we produce top quality Greek fine food products at our olive mill in the land of Biotia in Greece, under the shade of mythical Mount Helicon. We carefully select everything we propose to today’s consumer and to his family, guided by one simple criterion: we only offer what our own family eats!

We have total control of the manufacturing processes of every product proudly bearing our signature, from sustainable cultivation to its final standardization and packaging, by applying the most stringent international standards. With a great respect to our heritage and a commitment to innovation in cultivation and production, we constantly invest in our infrastructure, our equipment and, above all, in knowhow and research.

We trust in the eternal values of the renown Greek diet and the power of our raw materials and we strongly believe that every person, wherever he lives, deserves to enjoy the health and well-being you will find on every “PUREOLEA” product.

And we guarantee that he savours exactly what we have promised!

Our vision

"Το effectively contribute to a healthy diet and the well-being of every family around the world, everyday"

We truly love the extra virgin olive oil

Our love for the olive is the driving force in creating a contemporary extra virgin olive oil press/standardizer that operates using latest two-phase technology, with machinery that cold-presses and kneads the olives in low temperatures. Our facilities also have excellent sanitary conditions, thoroughly following every legal and moral provision for our customers and the environment. The ETHOS we operate under are for sustainable ways to grow and for protection of the planet’s resources.

Our products are characterized by the high level of quality and sense of responsibility towards our client/consumer and the environment. Our olive oil mill and standardizer provide products such as extra virgin olive oil, Organic extra virgin oil, olives, olive paste, and olive oil soaps.

PURE OLEA further innovates in providing a complete olive grove management service, from the first stage until the end of the production process. We give the opportunity to every olive grove owner to obtain his own olive oil in our mill, trusting our experience and expertise. On all our factory operations we are as Green as possible, following all S.E.E. (Standard Environmental Engagements), via guidelines from the E.U. We go the extra mile to find more sustainable ways to grow and operate, for preservation and for a better environment.

pureolea olives
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The good and healthy life begins with the extra virgin olive oil...

Our dedication to purity, health, quality, and the green ethos in our company is the reason we can ensure the greatest taste experience in every meal. We aspire to encourage all our clients to enjoy a beneficial and healthy way of life. Nature has blessed us with the perfect gift for such a life: The Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Apart from its beneficial fatty acids, it contains vitamins E and K. Extra virgin olive oil is also loaded with powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants are biologically active and may reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Small and treasured, this fruit gives us so much and we aspire to give back in the greenest ways.

pureolea olive trees
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Our values

Our Roots
- An ancient Land
- Gave birth to gods and heroes
- Inspired by our centuries-old tradition

Our Products
- Simple, true healthy diet solutions
- High nutritional value
- Authentic Greek diet
- All natural foods
- Top quality

Our “Reason-why”
- Exclusively local raw materials
- Modern cultivation and production methods
- Strict international specs
- Vertically integrated production processes
- Every stage is constantly controled

Your Benefits
- We’re focused on your peace of mind, as a consumer
- Our aim: to honor your trust to us
- Health, wellbeing and honest enjoyment for you and your loved ones
- Love and care, daily