Olive Grove Management Protection- Preservation- Production
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Our experience and expertise are at your service…

We offer a complete olive grove management service, from the first stage until the end of the production process. With agronomic support and supervision, olive grove cleaning, fertilization, pruning, harvest, pressing the olive fruit in our olive oil mill, and delivery, we fulfill our work with the most modern equipment for the best possible product.

Don’t miss the chance to obtain your own extra virgin olive oil from your own olive grove, without doing it yourself. Our experienced and expert agronomic team and our contemporary mill are at your service.

High level supervision and advisory guidance…

We offer high level supervision and advisory guidance to every new olive grower, as well as to everyone who wants to evolve their olive cultivation. Through this service, our Agronomic team will visit your olive grove twice a year, even if it is located in the most remote part of Greece. We will provide support to cover all needs and questions, as well as developing a yearly calendar with a program specific to your grove, including weather conditions in relation to every grove.

Our management services will help you get the very best out of your olives.

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