The Myth
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Flavours from the Land of gods and heroes


I am the power of the everlasting Greek Nature. Of her fragrant herbs and of her juicy fruits. Of her True Inspiration and of her Arts.

I am the mythical Mount Helicon.
The “full of fruits and grapes" ancient Land of gods and legends.

A mountain with high peaks, full of snowy firs. With crystal-clear ponds and blooming meadows, upland and lower, as far as the sea. On my slopes, the oaks change to olive trees, to ancient vineyards and to golden crops. And to all the flowers and the medicinal plants know to the wise, since ever.

Μasculine rivers, and female ones also, give passion for life to all creatures. A wild and proud, yet deeply hospitable, place. Almost erotic. That's why mankind have been honoring me since History exists.

My unique climate is not only giving so many fruits. It also gives birth to Culture, Creation and Myths. Ancient cities, famous and glorious, flourished under my shadow. Mighty armies fought terrible battles for my wealth.

Hesiod grew up in my soil. It is here that he wrote the first rules for crops and seasons. It is here, the place where he envisioned how gods, ruling the fortune of mortals for centuries, were born. Altars and temples were build in their names and in my Oracle they came, to reveal what Future lied ahead.

On my hillsides, Hesiod as a young shepherd, met the seven Muses who taught him music and singing. He knew them so well that he named them and described them clearly, the divine although he was just a human. Their miraculous springs and their home were here, in the sacred Forest where they were worshiped along with their tutor, Apollo.

The Culture festivities that took place in those ancient times, continue even today. What could have been more noble, than creators measuring their wisdom and many talents!

Homer admired me, Pausanias praised me. Pegasus struck me with his hoof and clear water sprang from my veins. Poseidon claimed me, Zeus and Athena took care of me.

And when those gods silenced and their religion changed, people again saw His Wisdom in the miracle of my Nature. Stochastic monasteries and beautiful churches took the place of the altars and the ancient citadels.

I am the Eternal Helicon.
Creation is in my personality.

That's why “PureOlea” chose me to set up the elegant space where it makes for you with my fruits and herbs, delicious Greek products full of health and well-being.

I proudly host their people and generously provide them, because they know how to appreciate the authentic.

So, all of you who haven't been able to visit me yet, you can taste my unique flavours in every “PureOlea” fine product.

Because tradition remains alive, only when honest, humble people treat it with respect. Only when they embrace it with their knowledge and their passion for life!