29 - 01 - 2020
A pleasant visit

On his long journey to Nepal, and The Mountain Everest,  Paul Efmorfidis along with Antonis Sikaris visited our estate & olive mill using their wooden coco mat- bicycles.

On their first rest stop, we offered them From our own olives and olive oil, to continue their trip filled with the needed energy. The main Reason of this cycling adventure is to commune to everybody ”save our planet”.

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Paul Co-Owner of COCO-MAT. He started his journey on the 8th of January, with the slogan “Move for Nature: Challenge yourself- Save your planet”. His passion for nature is the motivation for this action. By doing this, he aims to show us the sustainable choices we can make in our daily life and at the same time to adopt ecological and environmentally friendly habits.

More specifically, he will travel a distance of 7.500 kilometers, starting from Athens, crossing 8 different countries, with the ultimate destination being the highest peak of the world, mountain Everest, at an altitude of 8.848 meters. On his journey Paul is not alone since he has the WWF as a companion. Their common… destination, a better ecological future.

Have a safe travel dear friend Paul! See you soon.